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Detecting / Stopping Social
Engineering Attacks

The simplest way to defend against social engineering attacks is to use common sense. If something seems suspicious or does not feel right, it may be an attack. Some common indicators of a social engineering attack include:

  • Someone creating a tremendous sense of urgency. If you feel like you are under pressure to make a very quick decision, be suspicious.
  • Someone asking for information they should not have access to or should already know.
  • Something too good to be true.

 A common example is you are notified you won the lottery, even though you never even entered it. If you suspect someone is trying to make you the victim of a social engineering attack, do not communicate with the person any more. If it is someone calling you on the phone, hang up. If it is someone chatting with you online, terminate the connection. If it is an email you do not trust, delete it. If the attack is work-related, be sure to report it to your help desk or information security team right away.

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